THEY improv provides HOSPITALITY TRAINING throughout Europe to enhance the guest experience and improve tourist relations for hotels, resorts, spas, cruise lines, airlines and other tourism related businesses.


THEY improv provides a variety of programs to assist your organization to improve your ability to enhance guest relations and to improve the amount of returning business throughout the EU and Europe. This is true for hotel front desk staff as well as area attractions.

For convention and visitor's bureaus, we can help raise the level of customer service and benefit the reputation of the community as a whole.

The skills that go into a good improv performance are valuable skills in dealing with guests. Quality European hospitality training begins with the fundamental concept of Yes, And. The concept is to accept whatever the guest is giving you, and making them feel that they are being catered to.

Many Fortune 500 companies hire the best improvisers to assist in the growth of their companies. THEY can help your business work to improve your guest relations.

THEY improv is able to provide quality hospitality training in practically any location throughout the continent. After all, your company is often working with American tourists. Who knows better how to improve your relations with American tourists than an American company that has earned a reputation for success. Our quality hospitality programs are able to help companies working with guests and improve their guest relations. From simple role-playing to team building workshops, and customer service seminars, THEY improv can work with you to come up with a plan to improve your client relations and your bottom line. And not just interpersonal relations, but phone service training programs as well. We can help you with our workshops:


A European HOSPITALITY TRAINING EVENT can prove extremely effective to:


Improve customer service by creating a culture of quality guest relations


Enhance compartmentalization to reduce the likelihood that tensions will spill over into guest interactions


Developing the trait of keeping the guests' well-being above that of the employees


Enhance teams to enable support of one another and tackling problems as a group

Improvisation is a great way to learn skills that are useful in every aspect of life. These skills help in job performance, interpersonal relationships and communication skills. Evaluation of a changing business environment, enhanced creativity and assisting the ability to think "outside the box".

The question isn't "Can you afford to hire our quality hospitality training?" The question is "Can you afford not to hire resort industry hospitality training workshops?" After all, if you don't, your competition might!

Contact Us For a Quote! Let THEY improv provide you with HOSPITALITY TRAINING in Europe. Simply bring your concerns to us and we can provide you with some options and pricing.

THEY improv employs a variety of techniques to custom tailor workshops and seminars to your business needs. Through a simple series of questions, THEY can determine your goals and apply the needed staff and expertise towards achieving those goals while keeping your budget in mind. This process usually begins with a simple phone call.

THEY improv can provide these in hotels, resorts and on cruise ships in the United Kingdom (London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester), Ireland, France (Paris, Cannes, Lyon, Marseilles, Nice), Germany (Berlin, Bonn, Frankfurt, Munich), Austria, Belgium, Denmark (Copenhagen), Finland (Helsinki), Greece (Athens), Holland, Italy (Rome, Florence, Milan, Naples, Venice), The Netherlands (Amsterdam), Norway (Oslo), Portugal (Lisbon, Porto, The Algarve), Scotland (Glasgow, Edinburgh), Spain (Madrid, Barcelona), Sweden (Stockholm), Switzerland (Geneva, Zurich), everywhere else in the EU and the rest of Europe as well.

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