Our European improv comedy shows use the best improvisational comedians to wow your gatherings with corporate offsite events and private parties that will not soon be forgotten. Using a variety of input from our audience, we create comedy on the spot similar to a Saturday Night Live type sketch or Whose Line Is It Anyway. This results in a show that couldn't be repeated even if we tried. The intimacy of such a performance creates a unique bond between the performers and the audience as the lightning in a bottle aspect of the performance entrances them.


Getting your people to laugh and have a good time would always seem like a good idea. THEY's Europe Improv shows have earned a reputation for creating humor on the spot and getting audiences to bond with one another over the shared experience.
Whether for a company looking for client or employee appreciation, bosses looking for team building or simply a party among friends looking for something different and customized to them, THEY have seen it all and can help you achieve your goals throughout the EU and Europe.

audience participation

Improv is Magic

This is a show where our Director leads your people on stage to become the stars of the show. It's not a "magic" show, but magically your people are funny! We have a variety of games that we know can have your people look like rock stars and get your people to bond through laughter.

stand up

Stand Up

The most traditional form of comedic shows, we have a variety of talent from a variety of backgrounds that can entertain your group and can create an evening of entertainment. These can include themed evenings or even have several comedians working together.

improv comedy

Improv Comedy

Our specialty is creating comedy on the spot based on audience input. This is a Whose Line Is It Anyway? styled show with our performers interacting with your group and making them feel involved directly in the performance. There are even pieces that bring your people into the show. We can incorporate elements from your industry or company and include it in the show.

guest of honor

Guest of Honor

We have a variety of pieces that can have someone from your group as the guest of honor in the show. This can include something as simple as a Roast, a sketch piece that we call This is Your Life, an improvised piece called The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, A Day In Your Life, or any of a myriad of other pieces. Simply contact us about how we can make your day special. 


Improv Workshop

We can entertain groups in a uniquely interactive way by having people learn improv. We bring a Director who gts your people working and playing together creating laughter among their groups. As a workshop we tend to not take the performance on to a stage but instead show things in front of the group and then get smaller groups to partake in the activity.



Meetings & Incentives Awards

Often such gatherings results in long periods of speeches that are appreciated, but not well received. They tend to drag on a bit and those not directly receiving recognition sometimes zone out due to boredom. Our improv comedy shows can be spread out over an evening and can help your banquet attendees to maintain their interest.

Employee Appreciation

Nothing says that you value the input of your staff than having their input create the comedy for the evening. The gathering literally caters to their needs. The show works in small details about the people involved and the audience is made to feel like the stars of the evening.

improv comedy

Audience Participation

We have a variety of performance pieces that use audience members on stage. Each is designed to make the audience participant to look like a star and to be seen in a favorable light, as opposed to being someone that we made fun of. This helps to advance your company's goals for the evening and to enhance the experience.

Comedy Training

We can provide a workshop to teach members of your European corporate event or private party how to perform certain comedic pieces. We can use some of your people to play side-by-side with our professional comedians. We make certain that they are made to be stars of the improv comedy show.


We Come to You!

We come to whatever venue that you choose. This can include any area restaurant, resort, hotel, conference facility, convention hall, yacht, cruise ship or even someone's home. We work with the venue to ensure a smooth operation. This includes working with their team to coordinate their sound, stage and lighting. We can provide sound equipment, etc., as well, but for an additional fee, though we usually opt to use the venue's equipment. Of course for smaller groups, no equipment is required and not using microphones enhances the intimacy of the show.

Ring in the Holidays!

Improvisation is a great way to celebrate the big moments of your organization or family.
No moment is more important than holidays spent together. Christmas banquets, wedding rehearsal dinners and just about any other kind of get-together are perfect for making people laugh.

holiday parties
  • ALTERNATE TO STAND-UP -  Improvisational comedy always delivers a variety of entertainment for a relatively small amount of money compared to the stars of stand-up. Actors take suggestions from the audience and perform comedic and theatrical pieces. The audience participates by initiating the action with their suggestions.
  • MULTI-CULTURAL - Improv is much more capable of adapting to the audience and uses the more universal language of personal emotional issues as opposed to specific cultural references that is more common in stand-up.
  • BOND YOUR EMPLOYEES - This direct interaction has long made improvisation a favorite among theater-goers, patrons of the arts as well as the college students. By providing the all-stars of company-friendly entertainment, our European improv comedy shows make corporate offsite events, banquets and private parties truly unique. Perfect for employee appreciation, meetings and incentives awards and team building workshops, an improv comedy show dynamically creates bonds between employees.

THEY improv can provide these in hotels, resorts and on cruise ships in the United Kingdom (London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester), Ireland, France (Paris, Cannes, Lyon, Marseilles, Nice), Germany (Berlin, Bonn, Frankfurt, Munich), Austria, Belgium, Denmark (Copenhagen), Finland (Helsinki), Greece (Athens), Holland, Italy (Rome, Florence, Milan, Naples, Venice), The Netherlands (Amsterdam), Norway (Oslo), Portugal (Lisbon, Porto, The Algarve), Scotland (Glasgow, Edinburgh), Spain (Madrid, Barcelona), Sweden (Stockholm), Switzerland (Geneva, Zurich), everywhere else in the EU and the rest of Europe as well.

united kingdom


The United Kingdom speaks English. While America says they speak English, we understand the difference! There are some things that we can teach the originators, though. We have developed team building techniques in the New World that can help enhance your company in ways you have yet to imagine! We can cover all of the UK, whether in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.



While many consider the French as being unfriendly to Americans, the reality is much different. There are many American companies operating in France and the employees need entertainment forms that cater to them and like having activities that can be shared with their Franch counterparts!



Most Americans think of German and remember the phrase "Tear down this wall." We do this every day! Our focus is to help to tear down the walls that separate employees and bring them together in unique and special ways. This includes Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Cologne, Bonn, Frankfurt and everywhere else.



Portugal is an amazing country with a rich history. There are many Ex-Pats living here that look to get a bit of home entertainment when possible. We are proud to serve the British in the Algarve, American companies in Lisbon, Porto, and elsewhere. Contact us to find out how we can help your group.



While formerly the center of the world, it is still a major hub of commercial activity and for tourists. For the businesses that operate here that work with Americans, we can help to provide cultural training and team building that can cross borders. For tourists and companies in Rome, Naples, Venice, Milan, Florence, and elsewhere, we can provide American team building and entertainment..



While known for being neutral, there is little that will keep you from developing a strong love for the country. Each city has a unique personality and they all have a combination of languages. Whether in Zurich, Bern, Geneva or anywhere else, you are likely to have guests that speak a variety of languages. Sometimes the easiest is to operate in English. For such events, we are ready to serve you, 

Reach out and get more information! Email us at or call +1 786.543.9472 USA.


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