Murder Mystery Dinners
in Europe

Hire THEY improv for a customized show just for you in the EU and the rest of Europe as well. Yes, the perfect way to improve any corporate meetings and incentives awards event or private party is a customized European murder mystery dinner show or lunch written just for the group and venue involved.

Perfect for team building corporate events, meetings and incentives awards, weddings, family gatherings, dinners or charity fundraisers!

Depending on the approach you choose, your audience can meet and talk with the crazy cast of characters, witness a crime and then work to solve the crime, all without Scotland Yard or Interpol's crime labs! Laugh along with our professional, but bizarre, crime solvers, as audience members help interrogate suspects and work his way through the winding maze of clues!

This often makes audience members shine, which is perfect for meetings and incentives awards gatherings, leaving employees with a sense of being appreciated. 


The Cambridge Solution

We developed a new program where we utilize a number of people from your group as characters in the mystery. We are aware that they aren't professional actors and we are prepared to adjust to their mistakes. Usually the bosses play the characters and it is a great way to get your people to bond with one another in a safe environment.

straight murder

The Straight Murder

We have enhanced the industry standard to be more interactive to the point where we can even adapt the show as we go along to incorporate elements that are provided by our audience. We greet people in character, interact and increase the tension until we have the murder. We have a comedic investigation followed by the audience working as teams to solve the crime.


The Ambush Murder

Similar to the straight murder is a specialty item that we have created. The Ambush is where the people in the audience are unaware that we're providing a mystery. Our characters interact and create a situation that people think is real. One example is an entertainer at the party with his girlfriend, then his wife arrives! It's a great way to have a shared experience and bond people.


The Gala Murder

For much larger events, we conduct larger programs. This has more performers, can include characters as ambiance, such as photographers and the like, activities such as photo booths and games, and can have people submit answers via social media or solve the murder on stage. This is more for appreciation events to show people that you can take your events to the next level. Great for Incentives Awards events.

Because every corporate event and private party is custom designed you have to contact THEY improv directly to receive a quote for your event. Some circumstances may require travel or legal documentation that may add to the fee. Simply ask us as we develop a proposal for your event.
Contact us today to learn about how THEY improv can bring you the murder mystery show that will have all your friends talking about for years!

It Is This Easy!

There are four easy steps


Contact Us

Simply reach out to us to discuss what you would like.


Discuss the Possibilities

Whether by email or phone, we will discuss your needs and come up with a plan that you approve to achieve your goals. Due to the vast differences that dates and locations can have on the budget, you will need to reach out to us to learn about pricing.


Receive a Proposal

We will get you the proposal outlining what we've already agreed to for us to come wherever you want to have your event.


Leave the Rest to Us

We then take care of everything from the entertainment and team building side.

THEY improv can provide these in hotels, resorts and on cruise ships in the United Kingdom (London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester), Ireland, France (Paris, Cannes, Lyon, Marseilles, Nice), Germany (Berlin, Bonn, Frankfurt, Munich), Austria, Belgium, Denmark (Copenhagen), Finland (Helsinki), Greece (Athens), Holland, Italy (Rome, Florence, Milan, Naples, Venice), The Netherlands (Amsterdam), Norway (Oslo), Portugal (Lisbon, Porto, The Algarve), Scotland (Glasgow, Edinburgh), Spain (Madrid, Barcelona), Sweden (Stockholm), Switzerland (Geneva, Zurich), everywhere else in the EU and the rest of Europe as well.

Reach out and get more information! Email us at or call +1 786.543.9472 USA.



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