There is a long tradition of comedic talent hosting Talk Shows that put the spotlight on talent and get people to know each other in a safe and intimate environment.

Talk Shows in Europe

We provide a variety of Talk Show options for our clients. These are great ways to help a leader to share information with a team and to express a deeper sense of the motivations behind executive action.

In general, Talk Shows provide the opportunity to let an audience be exposed to ideas, personnel, leadership or training in a format that is a bit more user-friendly and entertainment oriented.

Likewise, talk shows are seen as prestigious. This means that our Talk Shows can be seen in a very positive light and can give credibility to those that participate.

These are great formats to humanize management, to congratulate success and to get across ideas about the issues facing the company.

Media Training: As part of the Talk Show program we can educate your management about Presentation Skills and Media Training. This can be a workshop right before the event and can help take your people to the next level.

Each of our approaches can cover the full gamut of needs that you might have. Contact us and we can discuss your needs and walk through the process to find the best choice for you. There is never an obligation when you contact us.

Shows are organized from the United States and are almost always conducted in English for American companies, for European companies looking to become more capable of doing business in the United States, or for Ex-Pats or travelers looking for entertainment from home.

"Research indicates that employees have three prime needs: Interesting work, recognition for doing a good job, and being let in on things that are going on in the company."

--Zig Ziglar--

The Profile

The Profile

The Profile is designed as an in-depth personal interview to better get to know someone. This can be done with a live audience or can be pre-recorded if you prefer.


The Debate

Issues come up in companies that may divide a company down the middle. We can provide debate formats that can allow points to be made and can clarify actions being taken to benefit the future. It can help participants to feel that they are being consulted to a degree on matters that are important to the employees.

town hall

The Town Hall

A great way to get a feeling for the issues effecting a company and for management to explain their actions, the Town Hall allows people to ask questions and to show a level of transparency that often isn't able to be reached through other means. This is great for State of the Company type of events.

daytime talk show

The Daytime Talk Show

Daytime Talk Shows that are on TV tend to be a bit more sensational and emotional. They are a bit more entertainment oriented and we have a variety of techniques to use such shows to engage audience members and to keep their attention for the full length of the show.

talk show

The Talk Show

The more traditional Talk Show treats your people like the celebrities that they are. Management, at least within the company, are the celebrities. We allow them to come, humanize themselves by telling stories, explain their upcoming projects and receive applause for their efforts.

THEY improv can provide these in hotels, resorts and on cruise ships in the United Kingdom (London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester), Ireland, France (Paris, Cannes, Lyon, Marseilles, Nice), Germany (Berlin, Bonn, Frankfurt, Munich), Austria, Belgium, Denmark (Copenhagen), Finland (Helsinki), Greece (Athens), Holland, Italy (Rome, Florence, Milan, Naples, Venice), The Netherlands (Amsterdam), Norway (Oslo), Portugal (Lisbon, Porto, The Algarve), Scotland (Glasgow, Edinburgh), Spain (Madrid, Barcelona), Sweden (Stockholm), Switzerland (Geneva, Zurich), everywhere else in the EU and the rest of Europe as well.


THEY improv operates around the world for our American clients bringing a little bit of home to wherever you are!


united kingdom


The United Kingdom speaks English. While America says they speak English, we understand the difference! There are some things that we can teach the originators, though. We have developed team building techniques in the New World that can help enhance your company in ways you have yet to imagine! We can cover all of the UK, whether in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.



While many consider the French as being unfriendly to Americans, the reality is much different. There are many American companies operating in France and the employees need entertainment forms that cater to them and like having activities that can be shared with their Franch counterparts!



Most Americans think of German and remember the phrase "Tear down this wall." We do this every day! Our focus is to help to tear down the walls that separate employees and bring them together in unique and special ways. This includes Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Cologne, Bonn, Frankfurt and everywhere else.



Portugal is an amazing country with a rich history. There are many Ex-Pats living here that look to get a bit of home entertainment when possible. We are proud to serve the British in the Algarve, American companies in Lisbon, Porto, and elsewhere. Contact us to find out how we can help your group.



While formerly the center of the world, it is still a major hub of commercial activity and for tourists. For the businesses that operate here that work with Americans, we can help to provide cultural training and team building that can cross borders. For tourists and companies in Rome, Naples, Venice, Milan, Florence, and elsewhere, we can provide American team building and entertainment..



While known for being neutral, there is little that will keep you from developing a strong love for the country. Each city has a unique personality and they all have a combination of languages. Whether in Zurich, Bern, Geneva or anywhere else, you are likely to have guests that speak a variety of languages. Sometimes the easiest is to operate in English. For such events, we are ready to serve you, 

Reach out and get more information! Email us at or call +1 786.543.9472 USA.


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